Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

Welcome to the Visapoint website where you can book an appointment at a Czech embassy or consulate

This service is for applicants for the following types of Czech visas and residence permits:

  • short stay Schengen visa (up to 90 days),

  • long stay visa (more than 90 days),

  • long term residence permit,

  • permanent residence permit.

Please note that some embassies and consulates do not require online booking for some types of visas and permits. You will find the necessary information on the website of the embassy or consulate where you want to apply.
Booking is optional at all embassies and consulates

  • if you are a family member of an EU national applying for a short stay Schengen visa, or

  • if you already have a visa or permit and need to transfer it to a new a passport.

Where online booking is compulsory, your application will not be received unless you book AND confirm an appointment slot. We recommend you to do the booking yourself, without the assistance of an intermediary.
To book an appointment slot, please use the request form below. All entries must be written in Roman letters.
After submitting the request you will receive our confirming e-mail to the address given in your request. The e-mail will contain a unique code which you will use to confirm your request. The request must be confirmed within 60 minutes after submission.
The embassy or consulate will receive only one application per one appointment slot. You cannot share your slot with anybody. However, if you will travel with a child aged under 15, you can use your own appointment slot to lodge the child’s application together with yours. Please note that you can do this only if you are the child’s parent or guardian. If you will not lodge an application yourself, you must book a slot in the child’s name.
Actions or attempted actions resulting in, or potentially resulting in, a breach of or tampering with the Visapoint system may give rise to legal sanctions. Requests containing false or misleading information will be rejected. Receipt of the Visapoint confirming e-mail does NOT mean that you will automatically get the visa. The embassy or consulate has the right to reschedule your appointment.
I am aware of and consent to the following: any personal data which appears on this form will be supplied to the relevant authorities and processed by those authorities. Such data may be put into and stored in databases of the relevant authorities and will be used exclusively for the purpose of registering for a visa interview appointment. I hereby confirm that I have read and I agree with these conditions.